Pastor Brian’s new CD for Bibles

Brian’s new CD, “Covered,” is a collection of classic CCM covers from the 70’s and 80’s. The purpose of the CD is to raise money to purchase bibles to be given to new followers of Jesus, and to anyone who desires a bible.

$8 will purchase 4 bibles. With the purchase of 4 bibles you can receive a CD as a free gift.

To make a purchase via PayPal, send a gift of at least $8 to

The 7-song collection includes songs originally recorded by Roby Duke, David Martin, Keith Green, The Sweet Comfort Band, Bruce Hibbard, Edin Adahl, and Joe English.

  1. Come Let Us Reason
  2. Stronger than the Weight
  3. When I Hear The Praises start
  4. Somebody Loves You (Duet w/Bryan Duncan)
  5. It’s A Shame
  6. Your Heart Is In His Hands
  7. Keep In Touch

To listen to samples click this link