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C Groups (Covenant Groups)

Where Will You Find Your Community?

God has designed the Christian life to be lived in both covenant and community with other believers. At FBCW, one of our primary vehicles for providing Gospel-Centered and Gospel-Driven Community is though our Small Groups Ministry.

C Groups meet throughout our region, on various nights of the week, to provide more options that fit your season of life. Small Groups are home-based groups that provide a layer of discipleship through Bible study, discussion and fellowship.  (Acts 2:42-47)

C Groups serve as an opportunity to grow in our faith, grow in community with others, and live out the Great Commission to take the Gospel of Jesus to all people.

We have unique C Groups for Men, Women, Couples, and Youth.

For additional information about our C Group Ministry, call the church office at 618-390-1046


FBCW provides a biblically rooted, gospel-centered, safe, and fun children’s ministry that comes alongside the parents to invest in the spiritual lives of children. From apologetics bible lessons to activities, the children’s ministry at FBCW is aimed at reaching children with the love and gospel of Jesus.

Children’s Ministry:

9 am (babies-5th Grade)

10 am (babies-Preschool)

*The first three Sundays of the month, classes are offered during Worship Service (10 am) for students in grades K-5.

Visit our safe and convenient Child-Check-In Stations to check in and for resources.

Additional Resources

There are so many resources out there for kids and parents alike from which to learn and grow in Christ. We have gathered some helpful resources below for you. We provide updates throughout the week on our Facebook page that coincide with the weekly lesson and for every day life. Also, visit the church resource library for more resources available in print and digital media.

  • Answers in Genesis:
    • This is the organization from which our materials for First Kids comes. The main website offers a variety of information for kids and parents.
    • The “Kids” section is also usable by children so that they can learn and explore on their own or with guidance.
  • The Parent Cue:
    • This website has a wide variety of resources from a blog, podcasts, and store. From here, you can also access their app. This app is customizable to your family to give you tips and inspiration throughout their life.
  • Focus on the Family:
    • Many may already be familiar with this site. Here you will find numerous recourses, including podcasts. Some of you may remember “Adventures in Odyssey”. That is now available as a podcast.
  • Fierce Parenting:
    • This website is currently comprised of articles and resources, but they will soon be launching a podcast.
    • This family also has a website and podcast dedicated for resources on marriage.
  • Parenting on Purpose:
    • This is a podcast only. However, the website does provide a glimpse into each of the episodes and provides a way to listen from their website.
  • RightNow Media:
    • Our FREE gift to you is a subscription to RightNow Media. RightNow Media has been called “The Netflix of Christian Media.” With over 20,000 videos available, RightNow Media contains material for your whole family, as well as training material for church leaders and members. Did we mention that it’s FREE?
    • For your personal FREE subscription text “Woodlawn” to 49775
    • You can also send an email to pastor Brian Fuller and request an email link to subscribe.

Contact Nicole Mischke for more information

FBC Woodlawn impacts our regional communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through small groups, corporate worship, missions, evangelism, and personal testimony.